About Tama Cathers

Tama Cathers – Biography

Dr. Tama Cathers, D.V.M. lives, works, and teaches in Vicksburg, Michigan. She has long held interest in the fields of sociology, behaviour, and sexuality. She received a Bachelors degree in Sociology and Biology from NWOSU, followed by a M.S in Biology, from the College of William and Mary in Virginia, where she studied social behaviour and its effect on biology and reproduction. She graduated from NCSU veterinarian medicine program in 1996. She went on to complete a year long small animal practicum, then an internship in Exotic Animal, Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, and has been a practicing small animal veterinarian since.

She started martial arts training in January 2006, taking a 6 week Women’s Self Defense class, then continuing her training at the Dayton Quest Center. She earned her Shodan First Degree Black belt in ToShinDo in October 2010, and recently received her Nidan Second Degree Black Belt in 2017. She is currently finishing the Elemental Self Protection Instructor training, through Ball State University in Muncie Indiana. She has been teaching martial arts in Western Michigan since 2012.

She and her partner, David Sink, are currently working together to form The Empowerment Center (www.empowerment-centers.com) teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, meditation, martial arts, adult self defense, women’s self defense, and yoga.  To round out their base of information and training, they are also enrolled in a sex coaching program, and are investigating the development of Positive Consent Programs, sexual assault programs for adults, and sexual assault programs for middle schoolers.

She has long been part of the Threshold Choir, and leads a newly formed local group of Threshold Singers. Threshold Choir is a volunteer outreach program of singers to sing for those on all thresholds of life. She is also a member of Trybal Revival, a local circle singing group.

She is a Women in Power graduate, 2015. She is part of the Yellow Springs Red Tent, a group that participates in holding safe space for women. She has designed 3 Blessing Way Ceremonies for Healing, and has participated in numerous other women-centered events.

She has studied meditation since she was 9 years old. This has included initiation in to the Green Tara Practice, as well as Sant Mat Meditation, and Dorje-Phurba Vjrakilaya Sadhana practice. In addition, she studied Tonglin, and other forms of meditation and yoga from teacher, Laurel Heffener. She has studied and practiced yoga for 18 years, under various teachers including Patricia Schneider, Laurel Heffner, Angela Farmer, Victor van Kooten, and Judith Lasseter.  She is currently enrolled in TriYoga teacher training.

In addition, she has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, and the Inca Trail. She studied and taught in Africa, Australia, and Mongolia. She was part of the Yellow Springs Herbal Study groups. She been a long term single mom, been married, divorced…..you name it. She is currently teaches martial arts with David Sink, in S.W. Michigan practicing veterinarian, and a woman who has herself experienced sexual assault. Best of all, she is the mom to an awesome 13 yr old.

She is passionate about her work, in all of the areas above. She supports women’s safety, empowerment and healthy change for the world.