The Elimination Diet Recipes – First Edition

While last weeks blog does not lend itself to thinking of yummy recipes, that is…..well, relative. Here are some items I enjoyed in the radical elimination diet, and still enjoy as part of my rotation diet.

Elimination Diet: Breakfast – Rice Pudding with Carrots


2 cups cooked rice

½ t salt

1 T cinnamon

3 good sized carrots, cut into bite sized pieces

rice milk as needed


Cook rice as per package instructions. Pre-cook carrots until moderately softened. This can be done by microwaving for 3 minutes on high, or by simmering in a small amount of water for 3 minutes. Add carrots, cinnamon, honey to cooked rice. Stir well. Add a small amount of rice milk if needed, for pudding like consistency. Serve in individual bowls or containers. Refridgerate and use as fast breakfast.


Elimination Diet: Breakfast – Papaya

Peel papaya – a vegetable peeler works well for this job! Cut and seed the papaya (seeds are not pleasant). Cut papaya into bite sized pieces. Eat and enjoy!

Really I wrote this recipe to tell you that you can use a peeler on papaya’s and mangos, and all sorts of stuff! (Yes – this was exciting to me. I am easily pleased.) My daughter taught me this. Dang – I’d been using a knife for years.


Elimination Diet: Lunch/Dinner – Rice Chicken Pizza


Pizza Crust


2 -3 cups cooked white rice (Bo-Tan)

1t Salt

1T Baking Powder

2T rice flour

Water – as needed to doughy consistency


Beat Cooked Rice for 5 – 10 minutes until most of rice is broken. A hand mixer works, but a stand mixer would be better. Mix the salt, baking powder and rice flour. Add this mixture while stirring well. Very heavily oil a sheet of aluminum foil, and place the dough on this. Top with plastic wrap. Roll dough out to ¼ inch thickness with a rolling pin, or spread with hands, on top of plastic wrap. Cook at 350 for 15 minutes. Turn pizza crust over. Cook an additional 15 minutes. For a Crispier crust, make crust thinner.


Lightly oil pizza crust with Oil of your choice (Olive Oil). Place diced cooked chicken breast and pan fried carrots on top of crust. Cook on 350 for an additional 10 minutes.


by – Tama Cathers, BS, MS, DVM,  – Have rice, can do anything with it! Pretty much, it’s infinitely malleable – rather like plastic, I ‘d say.


See – Here I am prepping papaya with a knife – silly me!



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