The Summer is Over – All that is left is Zucchini.

All of my travels are finished, much like our garden. All the growing is done, most of the picking and processing has happened. There is still a lot happening out there, and we are cleaning up and tying up the loose ends. The only thing left is the endless zucchini. Its season seems to keep going on and on.

Like the zucchini, I have left the stories of my summer mostly unfinished, they have not been told and packed away.

This blog is part wisdom I have gained. It is also the story of my remaking. To me it is more important that the stories are told in order, more than in season.

I have to go back in time to get forward to today. In that way, I can keep at least the story in one continuous stream. I hope you will bear with me if you are here solely for the recipes. (Sometimes they won’t even be WISE recipes! Ha!) I hope you will continue to follow me if you are here for the soul.

So, I will leave you a few recipes, which may be out of season, and a few stories. First, I believe I mentioned a poem about eating the early fruit on the vine….







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