Yoga In the Airport

Yoga In the Airport


We got to the airport for the beginning of Our Adventure.  4 hours before our flight.  After a 4 hour drive. After getting up at 3 am.  After working hard in the heat to finish up my bookings.  Our A/C is out. The upstairs was 85 degrees in the breezy hallway.  It was at least 90 in the small office where I was diligently trying to book my flights.

After sitting on hard steel for an hour, under the giant and awesomely cool dinosaur replica,  and walking extensively on hard floors, I decided it was time to do some yoga.

I expected this to be embarrassing, to my daughter, and was rather disappointed that it wasn’t.

I pulled out my slllloooow TriYoga practice and did about 30 minutes of really easy flows.  I wasn’t really stretching the things that hurt.

But when I got done – I felt WONDERFUL!!!

My back didn’t hurt. The sciatica was gone. Even my foot was good. My energy was better and I felt – happy!  Oh joy of the day!

I was not embarrassing (it must’ve been a good part of the book) and I felt better.


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