Check In #2 – Crash and Reboot


Well, it’s been another couple weeks. I had a pretty bad time for a couple weeks around the most recent holiday. No, it wasn’t the holiday itself. I think it was the pizza.

Yes. Pizza. I had been on the right track. The nettle tea was immediately helpful. However, I’d slacked off drinking the herbal tea. To be honest, I was mostly drinking cocoa, see previous blog for Yum! Not that it’s bad, but it’s not GOOD, like the nettle tea. I was eating well, and I started to slide, which always becomes an avalanche. I know that. Carbs lead to Sugar, leads to Coffee (my gateway drug), which leads to Latte’s…..soon I am drinking a Carmello a day…..and not sleeping.

There was pizza. And I ate the pizza. It was Mother’s Day! Then we had potatoes. Then we had hotdogs. Hotdogs aren’t even on my list as a food product, and normally I would eat without the bun – if I were forced to. However, we were running late – so I ate the hotdog and I ate the bun, then some crackers, and then ice-cream. I ran out of Walking Oatmeal for breakfast. Before I knew it I was getting latte’s on the way to work.

I stopped sleeping very well.

Well, that is no surprise!


I feel that we have to break down. It helps us define what is not working, or not working as well as we would like. Only through our failures do we learn about our successes. We learn what to fix. We re-tinker and make things work better. Where are the fragilities in the life-system I am trying to create? What are the behaviour patterns I fall into, which are not supportive? Say -why do we have so many carbs and lectins in the house?

I had already stagnated. I did not have all the pieces together. I knew one big piece I wasn’t doing. I wasn’t exercising. I was being sedentary, as per the CDC definition of >2.5 hours of moderate intensity exercise per week.

Yes, my stress had increased. Yes, yoga was nice, meditation was important. For me, however, herbs, diet, sleep….and exercise are my foundation. I was without one of my main supports. It’s hard to rebuild, while missing such an important piece.

Having started the process of actually changing my life, i.e. I’ve taken actions that will eventually pay off. I am however, still waiting for those changes to go into effect. This has actually increased my external stressors. I found myself going through periods of anger, then sadness, then calm, then…..the awful lethargy.

I started gently adding some exercise to my routine. Immediately I quit feeling cra-cray. Finding a way to change my habits, to allow myself to live healthier and more fully – that is the challenge.

Serendipitously, I later talked to a friend of mine. He is a researcher, by training and heart, and had put many of these things, and much more, into what is really a coaching program. He markets it to parents of autistic children, but it is applicable in any crash-and-burn situation. (Contact info at the bottom of the blog.)

This whole thing – It’s not Rocket Surgery, as my handsome fiancé likes to say. You know what to do – Rest, Eat a healthy diet, Exercise, Meditate, Drink some Water, Go Outside, Get some Sunshine, Be with People whom you like (Community), Sing.

You know the stuff… Me too.

We just have to do it.

That’s the only hard part.


So….. let’s go do it!


by Tama Cathers


For more information regarding my friend Chad Hinkle and his programs, contact:

For Coaching/ Autism:

For Marketing and Research:




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