Cut the Crap

I was going to title this “A Lectin Free Diet.”

The problem is – I don’t really believe in a lectin free diet.

I believe in a “Eat Your Vegetables Diet”, and “A Cut Out the Crap Diet.”

I believe in a “Don’t Eat Out, Stupid!” Diet, and a “Willpower is not THE Answer Diet.” So I could not title this blog  “A Lectin free diet.”

That being said we are following a modified Lectin free diet. We’ll call it the Low Lectin Diet. I will explain what, why, and how I am fortunate.

Lectins are plant products that are hard for humans to digest, even after being cooked. High lectin containing foods are Nightshade Vegetables – tomatoes (seeds and skins mostly), Peppers, and Potatoes, as well as Grains, Legumes, Cashews, Peanuts. They are meant, by the plants, to be hard to digest – so we won’t eat them! They are meant to protect these foods so they pass through digestive tracts unharmed. They are part of the immune system of plants and they bind carbohydrates into sticky glumps (yes, that is a term -I just used it here, so it’s a term) that are difficult for our bodies to manage. That is a simplification of the theory behind avoiding them. I watched a long video touting an expensive probiotic and pre-biotic, complete for only $75.99 per month….. I did not get the …biotic, but the diet stuck.  Again – not because I believed in it specifically. I mean its all the same Good Diet Advice. It made sense in the same way Eat More Vegetables make sense.  Let’s be honest, we all pretty much know what we should do – it is just the doing of it that is hard!

I liked this diet, because it was conceptually simple, and a Lectin-free diet removes most all of the grains in the diet.  As you can see, this is going to remove substantial amounts of carbohydrates. That is a major factor in why I like it. I have been trying to get rid of carbs for years. There are so many issues with corn and soy and glyphosate (Round-Up). As a biologist, gardener and butterflybeelovingfuckingtreehugger, there are a whole host of other factors that make me against the company of Round–Up, Monsanto.

I also liked the diet because it still allows for seeds. It still allows for coffee and chocolate. He likes coffee. I like chocolate.

People often have problems tolerating nightshade vegetables, our most common veggies of the north Americans: tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. Honestly, I don’t have anything against potatoes, except they are another carb, and they are rather addictive.  Long ago I found I actually “Can’t eat just one Lay’s” potatoe chip. Fortunately, I can generally find the will power to avoid eating potatoe chips, even when dangerously displayed at parties, and coquettishly eyeing me at picnics. So – I am okay losing the potatoe. I am not so good with cookies. They seduce me as soon as I walk in the room. I am helpless to their innocent looks and ways. Damn the cookie!

What I really like about this diet, and the reason we changed, is that it gives my partner a framework in which to formulate his shopping and cooking efforts. You see, I am so very fortunate that he is the primary cook and shopper. Being that, he has a lot of influence in our dietary life.

My handsome fabulous man is lean, a Jack Sprat, and while I am not a Jack Sprat wife, I tend towards curvaceousness more than he. He needs the calories of carbs, though e does not care for them. I need to stay away from them, though I love them so. Let’s not talk about my cookie addiction again!

So – Diet change to Lectin free because it was the first time I could give the shopper cook a framework in which we could seriously reduce our carbs. The response is…increasing our vegetables. Bingo! I win one for Veggies! We modified the premise to include rice. I was all for wild rice, but one member won’t eat that weird healthy stuff. And it was rice or potatoes. Rice won.

I am also not saying that a lectin-free diet may not do all, or some, of the things it is purported in doing.  Maybe it is the key.  After decade of society having an ever rotating ‘the thing,’ I think by now we should all recognize that there likely isn’t one ‘the thing.”


Making this change is a slow process. We have backlogs of typical high carb foods; corn ships, pita chips, cracker…(cookies!!!!). however, as we eat them up, we are not replacing them. It’s a step in the right direction.

Secondly, we find we are a lot hungrier sooner after dinner. You just have to eat more veggies, and more often. You do know what happens when you eat more veggies. Yep – more poop, let’s be honest. I don’t mind the hunger, sometimes I can even ignore it.

The other thing that we already had in place, due to Mr. Handsome Cook, is that we don’t eat out much. He cooks. He cooks so that we have leftovers. For everyone. For every lunch. This is amazing! Honestly.

This means I no longer eat a warmed up possibly healthy frozen lunch, wrapped and lined in plastic, heated in a microwave, and full of …crap. Salt – it makes food taste better. Sugar – every tongue loves. Fat – yum yum. Plastic infused ‘goodness’ has been replaced with leftover dinners in glass or metal. So I am lucky. This whole diet thing would have been much harder if not for Mr. Handsome Sprat, Chief Cook of the Home.

So we are eating our veggies and lowering our carbs. Reducing our round-up intake, and our plastic use and …consumption.

That all sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it.  I was tired of eating plastic anyway!

by Tama Cathers

Here are a few links on lectins, just in case you want to know more.  Okay 2 links.  It’s bedtime.  More to come.

Seems informative, have not read the whole page.

Sells that pre-biotic.





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