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Food Wisdom Herbs and Burnout

Food Wisdom Herbs and Burnout

After years as a professional, okay, decades, I am feeling burned out. I love what I do. Don’t get me wrong. Lately however, I am finding, it is too much. It could be that I am also a mom. Or that I have 16 pots on the stove at any given time. The stresses involved in my life, however, are overwhelming the restorative times.

Regardless, my life won’t wait. Change must happen……Or Else.

I know that. I can hear that. I can FEEL that.

For years, I have lived this busy way. However, for years, my body took it. I didn’t seem to age. I could really do anything I wanted. At midlife, I did not hurt, like so many of my peers complained about. I held a positive outlook and still felt fresh. Too fresh, perhaps. I often felt like a novice.

Much of that has changed. Some of that is expected with life. But something is really off in my life, and it demands change. Change NOW.

The things that I have studied, the tools I have acquired, outside my professional life, along with the wisdom I do actually have, those things are no longer hoping to get out. They, too, are demanding my attention. It is time to give then their space.

It is time to transform my life. But this time, it is also time to give back.

I am writing this blog as a personal journey story. I am sure to fail. Many times. I hope I do, because that means I am still trying. I will persist until I find my way into a new balanced life. Wish me luck. I wish it to you.

by Tama Cathers


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